A little about me,  My name is Ken Ridings but of course you know that if you are here. I grow up in Baltimore Maryland but now live in Charleston South Carolina on Daniel Island. I would recommend you visiting here one day it really is beautiful and a cool place to live. I moved here to be closer to the ocean and beach. I love surfing, not that i am any good at it yet but love being around it. So, it is just me and my 11 year old black lab Luna. It was a little scary leaving everyone I knew behind and starting over basically. I sold my house and sold most my furniture and bed etc. We (me and Luna) slept on the floor for about two months before finally getting a bed. It was an adventure and took allot of work to get myself established but we made it. It sure had its ups and downs but the worse was finding out my dog Luna has a huge mass on her spleen and there is nothing the vet can do for her at this point. I was told her time is very limited and I should think seriously about putting her down. She still seemed fine to me so putting her down was not an option. Lots of praying for her and a medicine I found on line after doing a lot of research called life gold seems to have prolonged her fate. She is still with me months later and some days I even forget she is sick. She still plays and just wants to spend time with me. It is amazing how she just keeps fighting.

The reason I tell you this story is it reminds me of my journey to online marketing. I could of gave in and gave up many times on Luna after getting this devastating news as well as never taking a chance and moving to a place I wanted to be away from all I knew. Just like I could of thrown the towel in over and over after buying product after product wasting so much time and money with zero results. Well, I am here to tell you that giving up was not an option and you have to keep moving forward. See after learning about Luna’s condition and living somewhere alone not knowing a single person, I did not go out very much. Seven days a week I stayed home to spend as much time I could with Luna expecting her time to be very short. I even left my 9 to 5 3 days in after learning about Luna’s condition. I know I’m crazy right? Lucky I had some money to live off of thanks to the sale of my house. After a month or so I knew the money was not going to last to much longer so I needed to figure something out. As I was looking for a job I ran across a webinar with John Thornhill which changed everything for me.  He became my mentor and here I am today.

Let me add I started my online marketing business in 2008 and quickly fell in love with it.I found myself doing and thinking nothing but how to grow my business. I didn’t have much knowledge about online marketing but I quickly learned. Still I did not make any real money no matter what I did. It was not until my mentor ship with John that changed everything and now I am able to make my dream come true and I live so much happier now. As I write this Luna is still with me and I believe having the oppertunity to work from home every day and be with Luna has helped her immensely.

I now use my talents as a marketer and internet strategist to grow my business as well as teach what I have learned to help others be successful.

I love what I do and love helping people reach their goals knowing I was part of their success. There is no great sanctification than making it yourself and than paying it forward to help others to make a difference in their lives.  If I can help you in any way please let me know. Here’s to your success and Luna’s continued defiance to leaving this world. Thanks so much for reading my story and I hope to read your’s someday.
Ken Ridings