A good search or page ranking is highly critical to the survival of the business in a highly competitive market today. Businesses need to incorporate the best of SEO techniques into their online marketing plans as part of their dynamic marketing strategy to win over a targeted niche market audience.
SEO is likened to the fuel or diesel in a vehicle; without which the vehicle cannot run. SEO has many features which could be manipulated properly to propagate the brand or company that would boost its sales and market presence. Hence, businesses need to be aware of its dynamics for a carefully planned implementation that could spell continuous success.
However, the wrong implementation of SEO features could prove fatal; online searches could be frustrating for web users who would be easily swayed to other competitive sites. If these features are not aptly implemented, the business could dive into irrecoverable market damage in terms of reputation and bottom lines.
Hence, businesses need to be alert to certain SEO failures that could ruin their market success chance. In order to minimize this, business owners and marketers should be aware of the potential SEO failures that could crop up along their way in their marketing strategies and campaigns.
Content Duplication

No one likes to read duplicate content, even if they are of high quality. Hence, it is important for a business to be the first publisher of any dynamic information which their targeted audiences would appreciate. However, duplicate contents are constantly appearing on the Internet to overwhelm and frustrate genuine readers.

Even top search engines like Google are unhappy about duplicate contents. It is not only a breach of trust and ethics for the original author, but frustration and dissatisfaction for the reader to be reading duplicate contents. Google is well aware of such ploys by certain parties to publish duplicate content especially via automated submissions. This can impact the webpage ranking where the content is published.

Google is very strict with its evaluation and indexing processes where its search algorithms are constantly updated to offer web users the best of online search experiences. Duplicate contents would not augur well by Google and other search engines for high page rankings. Hence, business owners and marketers need to make a strong and consistent effort in generating original and interesting contents to impact web users searching for such information.

Missing Title Tag and Description

Another potential SEO failure on page ranking is the missing title tag and description which are key components of SEO. These features are crucial to the success of a good website that would attract the top search engines for higher rankings. The title tag is important as a key feature for a webpage or site to be identified properly.

The title description is also another key component to a proper presentation of the page and its contents. These are essential features of a webpage or contents that would draw the right crowd to its site. Search engines like Google also pick up the necessary information from these components to award the best ranking. The search bot seeks out such information to identify the contents and webpage before awarding the page ranking, which can drive good traffic for the business. Check out this video for Title Tags.

Broken URLs

Links are essential marketing tools that would bring in the best traffic to the website. Good links from reliable and reputed sources such as authorized sites, blogs and directories could be helpful in boosting the market reputation of the brand or company. More potential business leads could be generated as the brand or company gets to widen its scope of influence from external sources.

However, there is the possibility of broken links where the maintenance has not been properly executed. This could be due to too many links to be updated or unskilled webmasters who are not diligent or meticulous on the updates. Unbroken links could prove detrimental to the ranking for the website as Google cannot confirm the destination. Web users would also be frustrated with broken links which cannot get them to where they want to go.

Business owners or webmasters must be careful to ensure that all links from all sources are properly updated and maintained; otherwise, the repercussions could come onto the brand and company. All links must be constantly checked and updated as there are always changes made to the website or page contents, especially external links or backlinks which are easily forgotten with many other issues at hand.

Slow Loading Speed

Modern web users are constantly busy with a full or overloaded plate. Hence, they may not have the patience to wait for a page to load as they have other tasks to execute. Time is wasted if the website takes up too much time to load. This could happen if the page has too many images or irrelevant information.

The competitive market compels businesses to offer fast loading speeds to keep their intended audiences by their side. Slow loading can put customers off to check out competitors; hence, it is easy for the company to lose these customers and dent their bottom lines.

Slow loading times could also damage the image of the brand and company. This is a critical parameter for better search rankings. So, business owners and marketers must upgrade their systems regularly to ensure faster loading speeds. This would entail indulging in the latest technologies to be kept abreast with the latest developments which Google and other search engines are proactive in.


It is important to ensure high page rankings on search engine listing. The higher the ranking of a webpage, the more web traffic is generated for the site. Every web user coming through is a potential business lead for the company in boosting sales and profit.

Business owners and marketers must be aware of potential challenges with their marketing strategies and take measures to avoid issues that could ruin the search ranking for the brand or company. The best process must be executed to secure a first page ranking by search engines to gain more organic traffic to boost business.

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    • Joan Jablonski

      I agree 1000% with what you are saying. So many people spend thousands of dollars creating a website, but won’t spend on SEO. This is ludicrous, it’s like buying a Lamborghini without an engine – what good is that?

      • Ken Ridings

        Very good point and that is what I was hoping to get across to my readers. Thank you for your comment.

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