Writing Good Blog Titles That Will Help Your Business

Good blogs should not be bypassed, but they could be when their titles are not appealing or interesting to captivate the attention or curiosity of the reader. Hence, it is crucial to pick a good blog title to attract the right audience. This is imperative to the market presence of the blog and blogger.

Essential Features

Besides good titles for good blogs, it is necessary to select a dynamic domain that would be readily accessed by the targeted readers. This must be based on the best of target keywords positioned aptly in a blog. The best domains with an appealing blog title would ensure good readership generated for the blog.

Target keywords are highly instrumental to draw the right audience to the blog. A lot depends on the niche preferred and the market targeted as there is a myriad of options available. The blogger would need to identify the niche for generating the blog with a clearly defined niche market audience.

The blog niche is crucial to the success of the blog as it must be contemporary to attract targeted readership. With that in mind, the blogger needs to consider the relevant keywords which web readers may use to search for the article on the Internet. This could be the common and simple keywords that best describe the blog or its message.

Bloggers and marketers need to establish the search volume as well as the level of competition, which the keyword is to be selected to ensure a potential and quick search. The blog title should include the relevant keywords that have a high search volume but low competition.

Good Blog Titles

Good blogs need good titles that summarize the contents aptly to give a clear picture of what is expected through its reading. This would lead on to a decrease of bounce rate on web visitors. The blog title should convey the exact message to the reader and explains what the blog is precisely.

The title must be easy to remember and catchy for web users to return. The domain name should be likewise not exceeding 60 characters. A good blog title should be clear and short using the best of descriptive words that include the keywords. This would enhance the search results by search engines.

Keywords Impact

Keywords are relevant features for vibrant online marketing to help most web users find the desired content. Good keywords are instrumental in boosting the blog presence, with a higher search volume, especially if the keywords are placed as the first word in the title of the blog and domain.

Search engine spiders tend to crawl the blog on the clear keywords identified to categorize the blog aptly with higher rankings. However, the proper context must be present instead of cramming keywords into the blog for the presence’s sake. A good title for the blog serves as a great opportunity to attract search engines or their spiders to check out the site to be accorded higher page rankings. Hence, the blog title should be relevant to the blog contents and be mentioned in the site map of any blog for easier reference.

Google Account

Google is well known as a dynamic search engine with lots of potential for businesses and bloggers who want to be recognized in the market. This can happen with a simple and free Google account before deploying the Google Keyword Planner tool. This free tool is readily available in Google AdWords; however, there is a price to activate it.

There is a myriad of tools which Google offers besides its AdWords feature. A Google account entitles its subscriber to access many useful tools that could boost the online presence of the blog or the blogger through smart manipulations. Bloggers could also consider Google Search Console or Google My Business for more effective and efficient advertising on the web as more and more web users today are searching via Google for what they want. The best of blogs would attract targeted web users as the competition is intense with plenty of blogs on the Internet.

SEO Features

Good blogs should avoid unfavorable words that would put web readers off. This is a common mistake by many bloggers who want to fill their blogs with unnecessary words without thinking through on their consequences. The best of SEO features should be instilled even on blogs to ensure a definite liking by search engines.

Good words and relevant keywords are part and parcel of good SEO tactics which should be aptly implemented. Bloggers need to know and implement the basic blog SEO features to augur with search engines. This would include the proper SEO forms and structure to be acceptable by search engines like Google for higher rankings.

Good SEO features include a vibrant tagline that could be part of the blog title. However, the tagline should be short or precise to be clear in its objective. Do remember that a tagline is not a description of the site; hence, it should not exceed three words. Space would be required in listing the blog post title with SEO.

The search results would display:

Blog Title / Tagline on the blog homepage

Page Title / Blog Title on the blog page

Post Title / Blog Title on the blog post

Hence, with a good blog title, more targeted web visitors could be drawn to the website. However, it is more important to have these web visitors linger on at the blog site reading off everything that is present. Such must be the quality of the content to entice web visitors to stay on at the blog.


The first step begins with the appealing blog title that stirs up interest and curiosity on the web visitor who would be prompted to click on the URL and check out the contents. The blog title serves to activate the interest of the web visitor to visit the blog site for more. Thus, the blog title also becomes the first impression on web users to be captivated and make a decision to click on the URL for a curious look.

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