Media exposure is crucial to every business in a competitive market today. It is critical to ensure sufficient publicity in the market that would have the brand stand out in the crowd and thrive. There are proven ways a business could indulge in for the desired quantum of media exposure that would boost the presence of a website or blog.

Available Options

Advanced digital technologies available today enable businesses from small to big in every industry to enjoy low cost, if not free, online marketing easily. This ranges from social media networks to the popular YouTube videos in an attempt to lure targeted potential business leads and investors.

It is a simple matter to plug into fast speed Internet connectivity that allows the turning of a blog post into an entertaining video which is a common marketing ploy by dynamic marketers today. This is one of the vibrant exposure tactics deployed to capture the attention of targeted consumers for greater market visibility of the brand and company. Nevertheless, there must be quality content to ensure the best of media exposure for the business website or blog.

The market offers various free conversion tools where an ordinary blog post could be transformed into a captivating video. This includes “Lumen 5” which is free on the market. Dynamic marketers can easily search for this tool on the Internet and learn its finer points to enjoy greater media exposure for their brand and company.

Video Marketing

The videos are highly favored in online marketing today with the advanced digital technologies available. Websites with good videos tend to attract higher rankings by search engines as this is a good SEO feature. Better media exposure could be procured for a website or blog with the inclusion of a dynamic video that is descriptive and precise.

Clear details about the video to YouTube would ensure a higher ranking that would enjoy greater media exposure. Wider market publicity could be procured as videos form dynamic SEO websites. It is recommended that target keywords be placed in the video title, preferably as the first words that would enable an easier search by top search engines like Google, Yahoo and even YouTube.

If the right keywords or keyword phrases are incorporated in the video title, this would make the website more favorable to search engines and web traffic as higher rankings would be awarded. The rule of thumb is to include about 3 target keywords as part of the video title as well as within the video context and description.

Target keywords that are present in the video description are favorable to the indexing and ranking processes of the video and website as they offer relevant information to the search engine in their search processes. These keywords should also be found in the description contents where relevant to capture the attention of search engines. Higher rankings of the website would be accorded when search engines realize the dynamism of the video via its keywords.

The role of the video description is crucial to the generation of brand publicity as videos provide an excellent business opportunity to attract targeted web users to their business shores. The description offers more information about the brand, business or product that could convince the web visitor to get what is offered which may be what they are seeking.

Facebook Marketing

Every business owner or marketer should know about the dynamics of Facebook in this modern world of marketing. Facebook proves to be an excellent online marketing platform to gain ample media exposure for a blog or website. Lots of web users get onto Facebook on a daily basis, which is a great motivation for business owners and marketers in their marketing endeavors.

It is easy to create a Facebook page which could promote the business niche via a website or blog. There are excellent marketing features such as plugins that can be installed easily for greater marketing effects. The plugin “Hello Bar” is easy to manipulate to link a blog or site to the Facebook page. This feature could attract the attention of web visitors to click on the ‘Like’ button and connect with the brand or marketer for further brand information.

Another plugin “Tweedis” is also easy to understand and use. It allows the highlighting of text shared by blog readers. One can place a share option at the start of the blog post; one in the center and another at the end to attract web users’ attention.

Webmasters can also deploy the “Digg Digg” plugin which is the floating share button viewed on many professional sites and blogs. These are vibrant online marketing tools which are proven to be successful in exposing the brand or business in the market. Webmasters and website owners can benefit hugely from the right plugins to produce the best websites that would draw in the preferred consumer crowds for higher sales and profits.


However, unique and relevant content that is compelling to targeted audiences is critical to secure any exposure before deploying any tool successfully. Most businesses would discover that time is a primary ingredient to today’s online marketing success as it is not easy to gain success overnight. Hence, business owners and marketers need to be patient and diligent to taste their success with the right media exposure using the best tools and solutions available.

Media exposure is highly relevant in promoting the brand or business as well as the website or blog. Many factors are involved to generate the hype and buzz in the marketplace that would attract the right or preferred web consumers. The business or brand needs to have a good reputation in the market to generate interest and curiosity to inspire targeted audiences using unique and useful content.

Business today needs to be alert to the increasing competition in the market to take the necessary measures that would keep them at the forefront and thrive. Business owners and marketers need to remember that they are looking at an empire being established which takes time for success to be tasted.

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    • Jenn

      Great post. Thanks for to software and plugin suggestions. I’ll make sure to check those out. I’d just like to add that while video in certainly the best engagement tool, you may not have the resources to add one to everything you post but you should try to at least add images. People are far more likely to stop and look at a picture than they are just text.

      • Ken Ridings

        Hi Jenn, that is a good point and I totally agree. Thanks

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