The Next Time You Want To Make Your Product Or Service Stand Out – Try Video Marketing Instead

Businesses use a variety of dynamic marketing tools and methods to promote their brands and products or services. However, not every marketing tool or solution can offer the best of outcomes, especially over a long period of implementation without updates and modifications.
Print Ads
Print ads used to be a popular option in captivating the attention of potential business investors and customers but are now slowing dying off. The average print ads transition has been declining rapidly in recent years to a mere 10% conversion rate. The figure implies a lower readership to attract targeted audiences via print ads.
Print ads that are found in magazines or newspapers are not impactful enough on consumers for the desired response the brand or company may wish to have. Many readers often cannot recall the print ads as there are many print ads in every publication. It is impossible for readers to recall more than one print ad in the entire magazine or printed material.
Email Marketing 
Although email marketing was a highly favored online marketing strategy in its heyday, it is on the decline with newer technologies and marketing solutions available today. Google and other search engines work consistently to introduce new search algorithm features that are stringent to websites.
The stringent search algorithms cause fewer email marketing campaigns to be implemented successfully; thus, lower readership is generated and fewer online shoppers visit the business sites due to the low page ranking accorded. High cost could be incurred for hiring professional marketing firms in creating a supposedly dynamic email campaign but may not draw the preferred audience when new technologies boost new marketing strategies and campaigns that captivate the target audience.
Social Media Marketing
Social media has been known to have a strong impact on businesses in identifying their preferred audiences and building strong relations based on engagements and reviews. However, social media has also been losing some of its glitter to be less glamorous to web users.
Many Facebook and Twitter users are using these social media platforms only if there are visually captivating images or beneficial features. This could refer to an online coupon which could be redeemed or an appealing picture that attracted their attention to read the accompanying or related text.
Web users today tend to scroll down the webpage rather quickly with so much information thrown their way. It is not surprising that they are becoming more selective in what they indulge themselves in while on the web. They are constantly going through their personal status updates and staying in touch with their preferred crowds through tweets.
It is a challenge for businesses today to captivate them or catch their attention easily unless the item is unique and stimulating. Many Twitter or Facebook users are shedding their ‘fan’ or ‘follower’ image with fewer ‘likes’.
Companies that still indulge in social media marketing may be paying much more for their online marketing campaigns as vibrant marketing strategies must be creative to captivate intended or targeted audiences. It is noted that the number of new followers or fans has decreased tremendously over time, which makes social media marketing less attractive today than before.

Hence, companies have to consider other available marketing strategies and concepts which could boost their market presence and online reputation to stay ahead of their competition.
Video Marketing
The rapid advancement of digital technology to bring on videos in the marketplace is clear evidence of the progressive changes happening in the market and the business world. Recent market research reveals a higher percentage of web users on the Internet watching videos over text-based presentations.
These web users are also spending more time watching videos for their daily input of preferred information than reading text. Over 80% of Facebook users click the play button of a video on their newsfeed than text messages. Twitter users would read a tweet with a video more quickly than otherwise.
The lower cost in video production and video components is encouraging business owners and marketers to indulge in video marketing on their own. With some diligence and creativity, a dynamic marketing video could be produced rather easily and quickly targeting the right audience in the preferred niche markets.
Effectiveness and Results
Businesses today need to consider commercials as viable advertising options as its costs become more attractive on local networks and channels. The affordability of such dynamic marketing options draws more businesses to take on more vibrant online marketing solutions.
The USA is strongly advocating Designated Market Areas (DMAs) using different zip codes to identify different areas. The DMA is structured via city size with the markets becoming a more effective arena for business owners and marketers to become ardent advertisers to connect to their preferred target market. There may be various DMAs which receive similar media offerings that would help the business gain more opportunities in promoting themselves on a wider scope.
The implementation of video marketing has opened the market wider for businesses to reach their intended markets with a higher chance of consumer breakthrough. This would generate more sales and business opportunities for the brand and company to become more prominent in the marketplace.

As videos become more popular with consumers, there would be a greater demand on videos in business marketing at various platforms. Businesses would have little choice but comply with changing consumer demands as digital technologies evolve rapidly with new technologies bringing new dynamic online features that attract web consumers.
As giant search engines like Google work diligently in promoting better online user experiences, businesses need to adopt and adapt new online marketing technologies like video marketing to stay visible in the market.
Hence, video marketing cannot be ignored or sidelined anymore today as web consumers prefer visual dissemination over text. Better consumer captivation is ensured with videos in promoting any brand, company or product and service offered.
The only two key components of an online marketing campaign to be successful are a well-designed and user-friendly website and dynamic online videos which are construed as online commercials.

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    • Bob Moore


      I agree video marketing is at the top of the list. It’s the one thing I intend to use much more as my business takes shape.

      I do have somewhat of a video background, and I have about every video player/editor/asset tool on the planet. I love green screen, by the way.

      As I continue to learn the internet marketing ins and outs, I will keep video marketing in the forefront.

      I think it is the best way of getting your message out, especially when you combine it with the power of social media.

      Video is king now. That’s just the way it is now. Just think about all the video tools/ assets that have come out in the last, let’s say, two years. That should say it all.

      Just my two cents.

      Best regards,

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