Any aspiring entrepreneur could kick start a business easily today whether online or offline if the most important secret is known and activated – Service! This is the key factor for a successful business where service is not mere customer support via emails, but understanding it as the core of the business.

Success Secret

A business used to excel with hot and new products which consumers want to get on their hands, but today, the market has shifted from production to service. This happens with the rapid progress of digital technology bringing on real-time online connectivity as sophisticated engineering techniques develop.

Impressive production is envisioned in new products and tools without much concern with the process and distribution. However, the market has evolved with modern consumers making new demands on service rather than accepting the product alone. Hence, production alone is insufficient to satisfy modern consumers who have many options at their doorstep.

What seems to be lacking in today’s market is the right platform to showcase the products and to capture targeted audience attention. The market is not readily available for products to be displayed attractively although it determines the product price and potential business customers.

It is crucial for business owners and marketers to consider the type of service provided as a professional to win over targeted audiences. Such services could be generated using the best of products or tools available in the market in order for the company or brand to grow.

Service for Success

The bottom line for business success is service. Most customers are not impacted by the necessity of items to be purchased unless there is a high value associated with the item. The simple reality is the way this value is developed and labeled onto that item which brands and businesses want to promote badly.

Modern consumers are very discerning in exercising their purchasing power. They are not easily duped into buying a product just because they are told to or out of need even. There are many options in the market today with the advanced technologies spurting out new solutions to satisfy their expectations and logic.

If the consumer deems a product as a high necessity, a high value would be attributed to it as the product would be deemed as an essential in their life at that point in time. This is a simple purchase principle which most consumers exercise where the price is paid in direct proportion to the value associated.

This is where the role of service comes in to drive the business further up. It is not the products or resources available, but the standard stellar service that is maintained to attract targeted audiences to the brand and its products. If such is exercised on a daily basis, the desired results would come about easily. The market recognizes this and fuels it with great vigor to heighten the competition.

Examples of Successful Companies

There are many excellent companies in the market which are true examples of rendering quality service to be successful. Apple designs their products instead of manufacturing them. Their design ensures a thorough and complete presentation of how their product is to be with all the required components to be attractive to targeted audiences.

Amazon is another dynamic digital logistics company that excels in providing the best of delivery services on its parcels. The professional and friendly delivery service is highly commended where recipients are very satisfied with the order process and delivery of products ordered.

These and many more successful companies show the way to others trying to discover the success formula. An aspiring entrepreneur should check out the current successful competitors in the market to understand the conditions and processes which work well for them to excel in the market. There may be certain points of consideration for the business owners or marketers to execute stellar services in promoting their brand. This would prove to be useful for business owners and marketers in identifying their budget and business directions to procure the desired results.

Primary Issue

Most companies would take the approach of identifying the problem consumers have and providing a solution to resolve the problem in order to win over these consumers. However, many consumers hardly buy a product thinking that they have a problem that needs a solution. Many are actually seeking out the best of service to improve their life in some way whether at work or play.

How the company positions itself in the market to win over targeted customers would determine their execution and procure the results desired. Each form of marketing approaches may generate some degree of success for the company, but may not offer optimal results as desired.

Business owners and marketers should note that they are not really selling the process which drives the results. They need to stipulate precisely what potential buyers are getting for their purchase; it is the ‘value for money’ cliché which modern consumers are holding in their hand as their trump card today.

Different businesses would have different ways in going about the process to meet their business objective or goals; just as social media networks aim for a higher number of followers and with SEO, securing first page ranking in search engines’ SERP listings.

It is important to reach the desired results through proper procedures and processes as with the saying, “it’s the means to the end”. Hence, it is not surprising for certain companies to be the runaway train on the track of success where their service is pivoted on specific results through excellent services.


Every aspiring entrepreneur should focus intently on achieving underlying results that stem from great services. This would augur well with targeted audiences regardless of tools and skills. It is important to win over targeted audiences with the best of service that would close ties with consumers who are potential business leads.

The amazing thing is that stellar services can be easily available without incurring high costs for any brand or company. Hence, new or small companies could get on the bandwagon to ride the track of success.

Here is to you’re success.


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    • James Utterson

      Hi Ken

      Excellent points about providing great service.

      It sometimes seems these days that many companies, big and small, are going out of their way to avoid providing customer service. In the worst cases, customers are almost treated like an inconvenience.

      It’s a competitive world, and it can be difficult enough to attract customers in the first place. if so, why on earth would you then not treat them as well as could be?

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